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Re: New kernel needed for potato upgrade?

I'd advice you to build a kernel for your system (compile it yourself from
sources) and about the modutils... ;-( I've had it with every system I
installed potato or woody on, so no my /etc/init.d/modutils looks
something like this:
echo "No way I'm gonna load any modules here..."
echo "I'll do it when I need them"

(Actually they are in dutch, but I don't know if you would understand
that ;) )

And as it says, if I need a module anywhere (I hardly ever do because I
got most things in my kernel, except for a networkcard module) I load them
in. So the first lines of my /etc/init.d/network (after the
#!/bin/sh) looks like:

/sbin/insmod rtl8139
/sbin/insmod smc-ultra

That way it works the way I want it to work... ;-)

Ron Rademaker

On Tue, 30 May 2000, William Dowling wrote:

> Can some one explain the relation between kernel upgrade and
> slink->potato upgrade?
> I had a working slink, and did this:
> 1) updated from my 2.0.36 kernel to 2.2.14 by installing just
> kernel-image-2.2.14-ide.
> This was a failure in that after the update, (on network start, I think)
> I saw messages like
> "SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument ... eth0: not found" and I had no network
> connection. So
> I uninstalled and went back to 2.0.36
> 2) Reading in some doc that potato supports both 2.0 and 2.2 kernels, I
> did a slink->potato upgrade.
> Almost everything worked, but I got messages telling me update-modules
> failed, and several
> warnings about modutils, seemingly indicating something in potato is not
> completely happy
> with my 2.0.36 kernel or its configuration.
> Right now, the only thing that is not working is pulling mail from a
> local IMAP server.  After my
> upgrade, I can't do it, from either vm under emacs, or from the Netscape
> mail client.  (Thank
> goodness for VMWare -- I can still my mail from Netscape under Win98
> under VMWare under potato).
> So:  Do I need the new kernel? Is it possible the modutils problems are
> related to the bum access to
> Thanks for any help,
> Will Dowling  (william.dowling@isinet.com)
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