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Re: X on a 486


I believe you are correct re: Netscape being the time/mem culprit. I
have a 486DX66 w/24Mb RAM Debian test box and use fvwm2 (a.k.a. fvwm
now) quite nicely. I installed Netscape6 and, yes, it worked but like
molasses in January.

I opted for removing Netscape completely and using a very nice
text-based browser called w3m-ssl on my Debian box. BTW, w3m-ssl is a
potato package.

Since I also have a PII machine, I do my Netscape browsing on that. If
you have the luxury of a second machine, you might want to try going
that route on your 486.

Otherwise, sure, more mem never hurts, but as I recall Netscape6 also
took up 41Mb of hard disk space. That was the deciding factor here.


Atila Nemet wrote:
> AN> Unfortunately I have only an old 486 PC on 120MHz. Is there
> AN> window manager which is low on system resources so I
> AN> could set up X on this 486?
> From, the help I've got, it seems that the problem is not with the
> window manager itself (since there are people who are using X with various
> window managers on weaker machines), but with the programs I use.
> I have set up fvwm and it ran quite ok. as long as I was using some
> little applications, but when I started Netscape. It lookd like the
> time had sopped. Would a memory upgrade help in this case?
> Atila
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