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Re: X on a 486 (Debian can serve the purpose of recycling)

>  Is there window manager which is low on system resources so I could set up X
>  on this 486? 


It is a shame that olvwm has not evolved to be more competitive on the wm's
list.  I have set up a 486DX2-66, with 16MB RAM and low mem Trident
VLB video card, on top of which I run olvwm. Works clean and fast for
a relatively small resources footprint.

I believe the original question should be restated, something like: what wm
part of the Debian distributions is better suited for the equipment we usually
find inside 486's?

The main obstacle to running GNU/Linux systems and their wm on a 486 is not 
processing power itself but rather poor RAM, poor HD, and, of course, poor
video display device.   Right ???

If so, considering upgrading the hardware - at very low cost that is to say -
would appear to be a valid solution to running window managers on a 486.  Thus,
add 4 extra mb of ram, find a 1 MB video card, add a second or third small
IDE drive...


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