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Beware the potatoe mouse

This is an early warning concerning mouse function, whose relevance to
you will depend upon your particular hardware and XF86Config file.

Currently all is fine on my desktop which is mostly a Slink/Stable
installation.  The gpm console mouse daemon is running with affecting my
good functionality under Xwindows.  In my XF86Config, the default
selection for mouse, /dev/mouse, is fine, where in my file system
/dev/mouse is a symbolic link to /dev/ttyS0.  It's releavant that
	ls -l /dev/g*
reports no devices.

The same was true for my Compaq Armada laptop until yesterday, except
/dev/mouse -> /dev/psaux supporting a touchpad mouse. When I upgraded
gpm from Frozen with 
  dpkg -i gpm_1.17.8-16  
Xwindows mouse function was lost. Degrading back to Stable with
  dpkg -i  gpm_1.14-3  
DID NOT cure the problem.  After much hunting around the problem was

Under gpm_1.17.8-16, /dev/gpmdata and /dev/gpmctrl were created and the
mouse symbolic link switched WITHOUT warning:
   /dev/mouse -> /dev/gpmdata
which didn't serve my Xwindows at all well. Within XF86Config changing
/dev/mouse to /dev/psaux did fix the Xwindows problem, though I also had
to "/etc/init.d/gpm stop" before startx.

Also for my hardware at least the Stable gpm_1.17.8-1 is better.

A regular Bug report has been filed, but this may save some of you


   /dev/mousr ->

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