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Re: Guidance

	There is not a:\ in GNU/Linux.

	It's /dev/fd0 and you'll have to mount the unit.

	Put the diskette.


	mount /dev/fd0 /floppy (make sure you have a directory called /floppy in
the base directory).

	Then go to /floppy

	If you can see there the file you've downloaded, go to /floppy and type

	dpkg -i nethack_3.2.3-3.deb

	-i is for "install".

	If you change the diskette, umount it first (umount /dev/fd0).

	If there are extra issues, I don't know. I'm pretty new at GNU/Linux, man.
It's the stuff I do when I install packages from the CD-ROM.

	Good luck!


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