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Re: [LUGALIST] smb.conf

Hi rob,

1)i have admin differend samba-server and my experience is: you don't need
a public share, but you have to use the "brwseable=yes/no" in your shares
or in the global section.

2)Don't care about the network environment ot NT. You are working with a
M... Product. There is no way to force NT to show the shares. If you have
two NT-server in the same net is it possible that one NT show the shares,
the other not.

      		Marcel Beltz

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On 26 May 2000, Robert Fendt wrote:

> hi folks,
> i have a NT machine and a linux(samba) server connected via ethernet.
> 1) i read the smb howto, but it seems that in my case i need a [public]
> section for the linux-shares to be seen on my NT-client. if i specify a
> [global], [printers] and [homes] section the way described in the smb.howto, i
> don't see anything on the NT client's explorer. only if i specify a [public]
> section and restart smbd, the rest of my shares can be seen on the client.
> why?
> 2) i cannot see my linux-machine in the network environment of NT, although
> both machines have the same subnet mask and live in the same workgroup (at
> least i specified "workgroup = Workgroup" in [global] of smb.conf and
> "Workgroup" in the NT's Network setup. But if i search for the linux computer
> using it's IP-adress, the NT client finds him and i can browse the shares
> defined in smb.conf. But i also want to see him in the explorer's
> network-environment ;(((. Please help.
> Thanx
> rob
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