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Re: Colormaps in Linux

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Hagglund <eahagglun@yahoo.com> writes:

Eric> The problem I am trying to fix is that fonts and images in
Eric> Netscape have never been properly displayed in Netscape. Instead
Eric> of getting fonts, toolbars, scrollbars and images displayed as
Eric> the application programmers and web designers intended, I get
Eric> basic Courier fonts, two dimensional images (I especially notice
Eric> this with tool bars in netscape and within web pages) and 16-bit
Eric> colors instead.

Eric> I believe this probably has something to do with the way I have
Eric> set up my color map in X as I intermittently get the following
Eric> error: "Unable to allocate default colormap".

I remember seeing this long ago and concluding some other package
(Tk based, I think) caused it by not playing by the book with the
color map, basically grabbing all of it or something.  Does it happen
when Netscape is the very first thing you start in X?

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
In his own soul a man bears the source
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