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cd-rw for old cdrom drivers (8x)

Speed isn't your problem.  Selecting the speed in
cdrecord on changes how long the disk took to burn. 
Older CD rom drives can't read CD-RW disks, period. 
The reflectivity of CD-RW's is quite low, lower even
than CD-R media.  The optics and electronics of a CD
rom reader must be able to 'see' the pits recorded
onto the media to read it, and the contrast is too low
on CD-RW media for some old drives to do it.  Even
older CD rom drives won't be able to read CD-R media
either.  Your 44x drive seems to be able to handle
CD-RW and CD-R media, it must be of quite recent

BTW I have a DVD-video player that also plays audio
CD's (actually all such players do) but it won't play
CD-R disks!  (even though my old portable cd walkman
will, and the cd player in my car will also. But these
players will probably balk at cd-rw media).

SO....only use cd-rw media for stuff you will read
back later on the cd-rw burner, and use CD-R media for
interchange between machines.


>        I've burned a potato image (disk 2) on a
cd-rw >disk. 
>        What cdrecord options should I use in order
to >make the disk
>readable by olders cdrom drivers (8x, 4x, 16x, etc)?
        I've tried in a 8x and wasn't able to read
even >it works fine on
>a 44x one.

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