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Re: Cannot find libz1 and libxpm4


On Wed, 24 May 2000, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

> > packages are required: libz1 and libxpm4. I searched for them in the
> we had this topic already several times on this list ... seems to be quite
> common.

I guess, my problem is caused by the fact that I use dpkg to investigate
dependencies and to install packages and not apt-get (I must admit, that
I positioned it low priority on my installing list. Since setting it up
didn't work right from the beginning, I skipped it for later
experiments. I was too impatient and more interested in X11.). The
dpkg-infos don't tell you the other names. I had as well trouble to find
fvwm2 at first.

> libz has the confusing name zlib1g.
> libxpm is xpm4g.

Well, thanks to everybody to answer that question again, although it
showed up already several times.





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