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Re: ip accounting

Cisco´s have a built-in accounting capability. Simply enable "ip
accounting output-packets" an all interfaces (eg Ethernet0 and
(Serial0 or BRI0)). Then write a simple script that telnets to the
cisco, enables, and does "show ip accounting". Et voila, all you
have left now is the aggregation of the numbers (which is the
part most complicated imho).


On Tue, 23 May 2000 16:59:59 +0200, "Litzler Mihaly" writes:
>I have a Cisco1600 router connecting to an ISP.
>I would like to count the network traffic of this router, but not like the
>way of mrtg does, because I want to know all downloaded or uploaded MBs on
>all IP addresses in my C class using this router in a time period (for
>example in a month).
>Has anyone a great idea about coping with this problem?
>Mihaly Litzler

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