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Re: Dumb X Windows Question

The XF86Setup app used to be in the xserver-vga16 package, I believe, but now it is
in the xf86setup package. Do an
"apt-get install xf86setup", then run XF86Setup. That should get you going.

ktb wrote:

> XF86Setup is the program you want to run to set up 'X' which creates
> XF86Config.  Have you tried running XF86Setup as root?  Do you have
> 'xbase' installed?  Have you verified XF86Setup exists on your system?
> Just some things I would look for.
> hth,
> kent
> Jay Kelly wrote:
> >
> > Ok I have another dumb question.
> > If I want to install X Windows what do I do. I have already tried "apt-get
> > install xserver-svga" and it installs, but when I try to run the XF86Config
> > I get "command not found" and I get the same for XF86Setup. What did I
> > forget to install?
> >
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