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problems with fetchmail eand exim

I have problems using fetchmail with exim
Here is the result of fetchmail -v -a:

fetchmail: 5.3.3 querying clipper.ens.fr (protocol POP3) at Mon, 22 May 2000 19:21:43 +0200 (CEST)
fetchmail: POP3< +OK QPOP (version 3.0b23) at clipper starting.  
fetchmail: POP3> USER fayard
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Password required for fayard.
fetchmail: POP3> PASS *
fetchmail: POP3< +OK fayard has 1632 messages (5244060 octets).
fetchmail: POP3< .
fetchmail: POP3> RETR 1
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Message follows
reading message 1 of 1631 (514 octets)
fetchmail:  retained
fetchmail: POP3> RETR 2
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Message follows
reading message 2 of 1631 (4779 octets)

And then it stop itself
(One time it said something like : unable to connect to localhost)

Can anyone help me.
I know that exim is working well for sending mail and recieve mail from me.


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