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Update on Epson Stylus Color 850 info


  I recently had a color tuning problem with an Epson Stylus Color
  850. It was listed in the printer compatibility database as
  "perfectly" working... Well, that's not exactly true... 

  I asked Gunther Hess {mainteiner of uniprint} about that, and he
  told me the files fot the stc800 could indeed have problems.
  So, the uniprint drivers for this printer need color tuning:

1) In some files, the Magenta and Cyan transfer curves were
   swapped. Editing the file and swapping the lines helps a lot (if
   red is printed as brown, swap the lines);
2) Even after that, colors still need tuning - blue will be purple.

I have contacted Epson, too, and although they sent me quite a nice
reply, with a handful of Linux links (which I already knew), they said
they are not developing anything for Linux at the moment...

So, to those interested in the Stylus Color 850 (or even the 800, I
suppose): be aware that uniprint has color tuning problems.


Hm... "Developing"? We only needd color tuning. We don't need a
driver. We *do* have a driver! These are the 3 lines in the upp file
that need to be changed:

-dupCyanTransfer="{    0.0000 0.0452 0.0836 0.1215 0.1493 0.1749 }"
-dupMagentaTransfer="{ 0.0000 0.0602 0.1133 0.1961 0.2945 0.3885 }"
-dupYellowTransfer="{  0.0000 0.0350 0.0914 0.1567 0.2430 0.2934 }"

These numbers needd tuning. Would you call that "development"? A few
numbers!!! Nothing else!


Ok, that's it... I've already included some comments on the printer


Jeronimo Pellegrini
Institute of Computing - Unicamp - Brazil
mailto:jeronimo@dcc.unicamp.br    mailto:pellegrini@iname.com

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