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Realtime sched and floppy (Was: Re: rawrite broken from DOS-box under W98? (Was: Re: thinkpad install prob))

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    >> Subject: rawrite broken from DOS-box under W98? (Was: Re: thinkpad
    >> install prob)
    >> Have other people exerienced this?  (I've never used Windows >= 3.1,
    >> so I don't know.)

    Richard> It works correctly from the dos box in WIN98 second edition. I wouldn't
    Richard> recommend trying it while you have other application running.

 Linux has similar trouble under certain conditions.  I wrote a little
 program that will set the scheduling policy and priority of a PID,
 and used it to set the `esd' (enlightened sound daemon) to Round
 Robin Scheduling with a high priority, so that the music doesn't skip
 when I switch virtual desktop screens in `sawmill'.  With that
 setting, burning a floppy image with `dd' produces `boot-floppies'
 root.bin diskettes that fail the CRC check.  Resetting the `esd'
 scheduling policy to the standard setting, I find that diskette
 images I burn work fine, given the identical image file and diskette.

 So if you're using POSIX real-time scheduling, don't use the floppy
 disk.  The floppy won't get all of the timeslices it needs, and will
 be unreliable.

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