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ISDN and Sprint

I live in a Sprint controled area.  They are offering a good deal on
ISDN for my area but I cannot find out if Linux can handle the ISDN
modem that they are offering with the service.  The modem is:

Eicon Diva t/a modem

I am planing on setting the link up on a 486 running debian striped to
use as a firewall and email server to my network.  I will be using my
other machines to run programs and GUI's on.  

1.	is this a standard modem?
2.	can I use another modem?  Like an internal?
3.	Telco equipment can allways be more expencive then nessasary, can I
buy this modem from another source?
4.	Where can I find info on using this type of modem on Linux?
5.	Any gotas on running a serial device for a 128K connection?

Thanks in advance for helping.

Brian Schramm

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