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Re: potato boot floppies and FTP/HTTP install

>>>>> "S" == S Salman Ahmed <ssahmed@pathcom.com> writes:

    S> I recently tried using Corel Linux and Caldera on this one spare
    S> system I have at work just because I had received free copies of those
    S> CDs. After trying to get used to these "other" distributions I decided
    S> enough was enough and just had to go back to good old Debian.


    S> I'd like to do a ftp/http install of potato on this system since we have
    S> a fast connection at work. How many boot floppies are required to do
    S> this kind of ftp/http install ?

 There are several `flavors' of i386 boot floppy sets.  You might want
 to try the `compact' or `idepci' version (see the README in the ftp
 archive).  With `compact', often the NIC driver for your card will be
 built into the kernel, and you'll be able to "netfetch" both the
 drivers and the base system.  Both `compact' and `idepci' are a 3
 disk set - rescue, root, and drivers.  The vanilla kernel is still a
 5 disk set.

    S> And secondly, where can I download these potato boot floppies/images
    S> from ?


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