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Transfer data between two comps without network

my problem is that I have to transfer large amount of data (20~50 Gigs)
And it can't be done via network due to  'secret' nature of that data.
I considered IDE disk put in hot-swap bay, but I found that's not the
best way to do that:
        i got system on scsi disc, compiled ide-disk support as module
        and when I want to remove ide-disc i unmount it, rmmod the module
        then swap the discs, modprobe ide-disk, mount it.
That scheme works ... but sometimes it fails.. and when it fails I have
to reboot the system to be able to mount ide disc. that situation
is unacceptable.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?
 (data should be moved via some physical way, not using network as that's
 what bossess fear the most, zip drives could be nice, but they
B are too small, streamers seems to be to slow )

 Dariush Pietrzak

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