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elvis buffers

seems every time (not quite, just seems that way) i
leave ELVIS with ":q" i add another buffer to
recover via "-r"...

man elvis:

  -r     This is used for recovering an edit session after a
         crash.   Each  elvis process uses a single "session
         file" to store the contents of  all  edit  buffers.
         While  elvis  is  running,  a  flag is set near the
         beginning of the session file so that  other  elvis
         processes won't try to use it at the same time.  If
         an elvis process dies abnormally, though,  it  will
         leave  the session file lying around with that flag
         set; the -r flag allows elvis  to  open  a  session
         file even if it is marked as being in use.

and then -- how do i get rid of it?

from doc/elvis/howto.html:

	Free an edit buffer 
	     Elvis has no command for discarding old edit
	     buffers. Under some circumstances it will free 
	     them automatically, if they aren't being used.
	     It rarely matters, though. 

uh huh. not in my case.

# vi -r
      *Elvis untitled #1 (2)
      *Elvis untitled #2 (1)
      *Elvis untitled #3 (3)
      *Elvis untitled #4 (6)
      *Elvis untitled #5 (5)
      *Elvis untitled #6 (7)
      *Elvis untitled #7 (8)
1:     Elvis untitled #8 (9)
      *elvis.html (4)
Hit <Enter> to continue

but how does one get rid of those buffers once they're
reopened (whether saved or to be ignored) with "vi -r"?

among others...

Their is five errers in this sentance.

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