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Re: Command ??

Jay Kelly wrote:
> uick question,
> How would I edit a file such as XF86Cofig? I mean what is the command to
> open it so I can change a few things such as pointer.
> Thanks
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i just use "anthony's editor" (ae):

1.  as root, type "ae /etc/X11/XF86Conifg"  

2.  edit the file.

3.  to quit/save...there should be a menu at the top of
the screen.  (you'll be using the "ctrl" key in
combination with other keys.)

there are other editors (like vi, tiny elvis, sex...),
but i mostly "default" to ae.  (hey, what can i
say...it's good enough to be included in the basic
install package...)


bentley taylor.


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