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Re: Clipboard?!

David Henningsson wrote:
> Well, I read somewhere about that there was a clipboard in Linux. And it was supposed to work as this: You mark a text and it will immediately be in the clipboard. Then click the middle button and it is pasted.
> I have no middle button. So there is some kind of emulation of that in linux, right? I just don't haven't figured how to do it. It doesn't seem to be both at the same time, and not first-one-and-then-the-other either. In XF86Config there is something about this, some timeout value...?
> Does this clipboard stuff work both in X and tty/console mode? In tty mode, there is no kind of mouse arrow.
> I'm using debian 2.1r4 slink + kernel 2.2.14.
> / David
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Yes, there is middle-button emulation. You have to run xf86config or
XF86Setup to enable it, or edit /etc/X11/XF86Config directly (in the
Pointer section):
	Emulate3Timeout 50
Pressing both buttons at once will emulate the third button.

This works in tty/console mode as well, but you need to install gpm
first (apt-get install gpm) if you haven't already. gpm uses the right
mouse button instead of the middle on my setup, but that's likely


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