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Re: From IP to domain name

"Ivan J. Varzinczak" wrote:
>         I'd like to know if someone can give me any sugestions about
> how I can discover the domain name given an IP address. For example,
> if I have the IP address, I would like to discover what
> the domain name is, in that case, aol.com.
>         I've tried to use nslookup, but I've had some problems in
> setting the servers, because perhaps I'll need the "root" servers on
> internet and it doesn't work very well.
>         Thanks in advance!

the 'reverse-name lookup' construct swaps the order of the IP
numbers and appends '.in-addr.arpa' to the end, so that
would be looked up as
and to keep your server from appending any local 'search'
domains (if you're at 'myserver.com' the sought address might
be mangled into '' if
you don't) then be sure to put the trailing DOT at the end:
like this:

	% nslookup
	Default Server:  localhost
	Server:  localhost

[woo. not very informative, there.]

	> set q=any
[now we'll get ANY records available.]
	Server:  localhost
	Address:     name = www2.aol.com
	146.188.205.in-addr.arpa        nameserver = dns-01.ns.aol.com
	146.188.205.in-addr.arpa        nameserver = dns-02.ns.aol.com
	dns-01.ns.aol.com       internet address =
	dns-02.ns.aol.com       internet address =


if you get into setting up your own DNS, you'll get quite
familiar with this stuff. (see 'man named' and 'man named.conf'
for the scoop.)

Their is five errers in this sentance.

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