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Re: lilo in potato, and the 1024 cylinder issue

You forgot to mention a fourth choice, which is loadlin boot disk, and a
fifth choich which is a linux boot disk made with mkboot, and a sixth
choice which is a boot-disk created with the kernel-image's boot disk
creator (it does not generate the same disks, since I made one with mkboot
which did not booted, and one with the kernel-image which booted).

Robert Varga

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Jim Breton wrote:

> Does anyone know the likelihood of getting the version of lilo which
> supports booting from above the 1024th cylinder into potato?
> From /usr/doc/lilo/changelog.Debian.gz:
> lilo (1:21.3-3) unstable; urgency=HIGH
>   * This version supports booting from cylinders above 1024.
>     (Been in unstable for 3 weeks, and I got 0 complaints about it, so
>     I think it's definatly worth to include it in potato).
>  -- Vincent Renardias <vincent@debian.org>  Sat, 25 Mar 2000 13:57:10
> +0100
> My particular problem is the typical one.  However, there's something I
> don't understand.  I downloaded the lilo source for version 21.4.3 which
> supposedly supports this operation on "modern" drives/BIOSes... compiled
> it, and tried to run it on my new machine which is running an Athlon 750
> on an Asus K7M, with a Maxtor 7200 RPM ATA66 30 GB drive... and the BIOS
> is dated Dec. 99 IIRC.  Shouldn't this be sufficiently recent to allow
> me to boot from >1024?
> I want to set up a 10GB FAT32 partition for Win98 on hda1, and have my
> linux and swap partitions as hda2 and hda3.  But when I tried this --
> even with the new lilo -- same old error message.  Anyone have any idea
> at all how to make this work with Lilo?
> Changing the partitioning scheme is really not an option (long story) so
> afaict my choices are:
> - loadlin (works fine now but should Windows ever become unbootable for
>   any reason...  I'd be screwed ;)  )
> - set up GRUB, which, if I am correct, will not have this problem (am I
>   right?)
> - figure out wtf I am doing wrong with Lilo!
> Thank you for any advice.
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