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Re: X color depth

Umum Wijoyo wrote:

> Hello...
> How can I set my X color depth to be more than 8 bpp (say... like 16 or
> 24)?

Run XF86Setup (the XFree86 recommended method), or run xf86config (the old method),
or edit your XF86Config file by hand (the geek method) and select the screen size and
depth you want.


> Does this have anything to do with my video card config? (I think I've set
> up my S3 Savage 3D card correctly...)
> When we were still using RedHat 6.2, we had no problem: our X display was
> fascinating! It even looked better than Windows (shudder)! ;-p

Anything RedHat can do, Debian can do better. ;-)


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