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Re: how to close ports

> I used nmap to check what ports were open on my box;
> I found some questionable open ports...
> such as 2 "unknown" ports, 1 "listen" port,
these are most probably from icq, xdm, etc.
they are not at fixed positions; the first available port is used mostly.
selectively kill running programs and daemons and see, which ports close.

> ...and what actually is the "sunrpc" port for?
this is the portmapper. some services (eg, nfs) need it. probably you can
remove the start link from /etc/rcS.d.

> Should I, and how can I, close these ports? (Or am I being a bit too
> paranoid?)
it's always a good idea to close all unnecessary ports.
if you cannot get rid of them without killing important programs, set up a
simple firewall.
but possibly i'm paranoid, too. *ggg*

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