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Re: lilio.config

On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 11:33:12PM -0700, Elsadig Khanagi wrote:
> Dear, Sir,
> How are you.......I want to manage booting,between Debian linux 2.1r2 & 
> win98 , I re-edit /etc/lilo.conf, I add prompt & other=.... but nothing,I 
> remove every text iside lilo.conf... nothing, I remove lilo.conf itself also 
> nothing . in all cases I got a Debian Login #
> questions:
>      1- If i want to pause screen while booting,What is the key used?
>      2- I use cfdisk,and changing type, one for win98,and other for linux, 
> when I boot to use win98 nothing about linux,what logically cfdisk do?
> Elsadig M. H. Khanagi

Be sure that your boot= line in /etc/lilo.conf points to the partition that
is marked bootable in the partition table (in cfdisk under Flags you should
see 'Boot').

Please also post the output of running /sbin/lilo after editing your
/etc/lilo.conf to the way you need (and post your lilo.conf with comments
stripped out).


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