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Re: search engine for the Guide

Stas Bekman wrote:
> > Stas Bekman wrote:
> > > So far, from the personal replies to me, htdig is the best solution given
> > > that we stuff many anchors in the text so you could jump directly to the
> > > right paragraph.
> >
> > can't we have a filter script that yanks the source html and
> > then inserts anchors as necessary, before sending it to
> > the browser?
> No need to have a script -- I can generate the html with anchors in first
> place. Unless you are talking about matched text highlighting.

that too. 

but if you're gonna filter the html to hilite search terms here
and there, you can also have it inject an anchor where it needs one.

then we could maybe list various 'matches on this page' in a frame to
the left, and have it scroll the right frame around to find the
target text...? (not that i'm a fan of frames, but no need to
blindly avoid them at all costs, either...)

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