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Re: storm install problems

My experience with Storm from a magazine is it wouldn't install unless I
used the text based installer.  Using the graphical installer the
installation would stop dead at a certain point.  No there is no option
to make a boot disk.  You have to make one yourself.  I would try the
text installer if you haven't.

russell simmons wrote:
> Greetings.  I have slink running on a 486, and dual/boot my main box,
> (windoz/linux).  I have a cd of stormlinux that I got in a magazine, and
> I tried to load it today.  When it neared the end of loading the
> packages, it started printing to my screen, and after completion, it
> wouldn't boot.  Also, it never gave me the option to make a boot-disc,
> which is how I like to boot linux.  I wanted to try this distro, as it
> is debian based.  Anyone have a similar experience, or have any advice?
> machine is a 166mmx overclocked to 200 with 96mgs of ram, and 1gig of
> space for linux
> tia
> russell

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