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Re: usb floppy drive/anything

pplaw <pplaw@pcisys.net> writes:
> debs,
> i just got a sony picturebook (pcg-c1xs) yesterday.
> i did a smooth, harddrive  install. (thanks project!)
> having a usb floppy drive, i want to make a boot floppy, but the
> box doesn't recognize /dev/fd0.
> eg. "$  mount /dev/fd0 /bt <bentley taylor>"
>       " mount:  the kernel does not recognize /dev/fd0 as a block
> device."
> i'm a virgin at the recompile.  but am i looking at that for usb
> support?  installing potato? ...woody?
> ia, t.

I may be mistaken but I don't think either potato or woody, alone,
will solve your problem. The difficulty is that USB support is still
VERY much in it's early stages and almost all the current development
has focused on the 2.3.x series of development kernels. I don't think
either of these are available in woody or potato.

What you can do is install one of the kernel-source-2.2.x packages
then go to the Linux USB home page (http://www.linux-usb.org) and get
the Backport of the 2.3 USB code for 2.2 kernels. I assume it's a
patch that you apply to the kernel-source directory.

Before that you'll want to see if your device is listed as being
supported in the list available via the aforementioned Linux USB web

Good Luck,

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