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Sendmail configuration

I have sendmail running on my local network and sending mail to my ISP
every day in a cron job.  But local mail only gets sent once a day as well.
So I would like to send local e-mail immediatly and defer (queue)  Internet
mail for the cron job.  I saw an article which said comment out the following
line: R$* < @ $* $~P > $*                $: S1 < @ $[ $2 $3 $] > $4
but that dosen't appear in my slink sendmail.cf file.  Reading the sendmail.org
FAQ, it mentions various things including removing DNS lookups
and 'ServiceSwitchFile'  and I couldn't get it to work.
Has anybody got this sort of configuration to work?
I don't use exim because I export /vaar/spool/mail 
I haven't tried qmail since the info suggests (depeding on MDA) it dosen't
spool mail to /var/spool/mail.


	Regards from Chris

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