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Re: file transfers to Win2K

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 03:52:00PM +1200, zdrysdal@diagnostic.co.nz wrote:
> Hiya
> what would be the best way to routinely (ie. daily) transfer 500MB worth of
> image files from a linux system to a Windows 2000 or NT?
> would ftp be the best choice or is it prone to bad behaviour if
> unsupervised?

FTP is an old reliable.  Back in the days when it would have been
considered a lot of data, I transferred about 4 GB of data, over the
course of some 20 or 30 transfers, unattended, over a long distance
link (WAN), in a DOS batch file, between a PC and a VAX cluster (with
snow up to my neck, up hill, in both directions...).  The only data
corruption we encountered (and I did have a validity check) resulted
from a bad hard drive on the PC.

Other answers depend on your situation -- network bandwidth, system
proximity, requirements for compression (compressing your data, or using
a compression-capable tool such as scp could help), schedulability
(WinNT has a rudimentary scheduler, AFAIC W2K does too), and security
requirements (again, scp is a good call).

...but FTP should fit the bill.  What other alternatives were you
considering/are available?

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