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Re: gnus froze emacs20

>>>>> "Istvan" == Kovacs Istvan <kofa@alarmix.net> writes:

Istvan> Hello!  I tried gnus, recommended by several people (thanks to
Istvan> all who responded!), and it froze my emacs20. Here's what I
Istvan> wrote to John Hasler, one of the people trying to help: --- I
Istvan> installed gnus (gnus_5.8.3-9.deb) on top of Emacs20. I
Istvan> launched emacs, started the tutorial, it seemed to be working.

I am a longtime Gnus user and I am _sure_ you don't need the separate
Gnus package.  Gnus is part of Emacs20.  I think the Gnus package is
just for use with Emacs19.

You may have shot yourself in the foot by installing too much stuff

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
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