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Emacs - was Re: Mail/news software

Different Strokes for different folks.

Emacs - "Show a newbie that and you will see the dust as he turns and runs
back to the Windows camp" <smile>.   Emacs and Linux/Unix for that matter is
not for everybody - its there because of and for the growing few that want
to learn to swim upstream against the current.  I first heard about this
strange thing called Emacs in Clifford Stoll's book, "The Cuckoo's Egg"  In
fact, that book was responsible for getting me interested in the world
beyond DOS.  I vowed when I finished the book that someday I would learn
about Emacs and Unix.  There is a romance behind all of this wonderful
esoteric stuff - let's face it, those in the world of windows will never
reach out and touch the actual kernel of it all.

"This ps -eafg command bothers me," he said. "I can't say why, but it just
doesn't taste right.  Maybe its just paranoia, but I'm sure that I've seen
that combination before."  -- from "The Cuckoo's Egg"

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Date: Sunday, April 30, 2000 11:30 AM
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>On Sun, Apr 30, 2000 at 02:13:19PM +0100, Phillip Deackes wrote:
>> I am very sorry if I offend, but I find emacs/xemacs about the most
>> off-putting thing in Linux. Show a newbie that and you will see the dust
>> as he turns and runs back to the Windows camp.
>That is not always the case.  I tried out vi and emacs when I started
>as a Linux newbie and did not like vi.  I could not immediately
>understand it's logic.  I could however immediately start
>using emacs.  It has an easy and very good tutorial for newbies and
>after 5 years I am still learning and enjoying new features.
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