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list suggestion? [was Another dpkg or apt-get question from a new user]

the simple answer to the question 'how do i know what files are
in the package i installed?' was

	dpkg -L <pkgname>

things like this are standard knowledge among debian folk who
have been on this list for a few weeks--but for the new folk,
it's a complete mystery, but each one of us has had to ask
the same questions... again and again.

i know that the questions i've asked have often been 'one too many'
for some of you. :)

perhaps we could add, to the 'unsubscribe' tag at the end of each 
message sent by the list-server (see the bottom of this message),
an URL pointing to one DEBIAN-SPECIFIC newbie-like page containing
pointers to such stuff as
	'what's slink, potato, sid, & such?' --> http link
	'how to upgrade your debian software' --> apt-get
	'how to configure apt-get' --> /etc/apt/sources.list --> http link
	'why we retch all over those *.rpm files' --> http link
	'what package uses file XYZ' --> dpkg -S <XYZ>
	'which files are in package Q' --> dpkg -L <Q>
	'know what's in a *.deb package before you apt-get it' --> http link
	plus, pointers to linux-general stuff, perhaps...
	'apache configs' --> apache.org
	'email configs' --> fetchmail, sendmail, exim, &c
	'samba configs' --> samba.org

if we don't wanna add another line to the 'unsubscribe' tag at
the end of each message, perhaps post a monthly (or periodic, at
least) newbie pointer-list?

might help cut the friction/grease the wheels?

[ our site isn't stable yet or i'd volunteer. (politics and procedures
impede, for the moment.) ]


currently, www.debian.org has a few pointers to 'getting started':
		- subscribe to this mailing list (and here we are! aaugh!)
		- contact package maintainers (they have nothing better to do)
		- faq-o-matic <== PLEASE CONTRIBUTE! <==
		- faq
			- "getting debian" mentions 'apt-get' near the bottom
			- "archives" describes distribution directories
		- debian guide (still rather intimidating)
		- debuan tutorial (chapter 14! mentions configuring apt-get)
	-release info
		great for the tech-heads who understand it
		(say, someone who was a newbie four months ago)
even the useful links here are buried three deep or so. why not have
these links be at the top level of a 'debian newbie' site, the URL
of which is added to the 'unsubscribe' tag below?

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