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frozen broken at bootdisks and help with ADSL

Hello all !

I am trying to install Debian and got all the install ok until the
part; creat a bootdisk, but I put my disks and get the message
that the disk is broken or something.

After I reboot the system with the rescue disk and add the
following line at the prompt:
linux root=/dev/hdb1  ............. soo far soo good.

Until here good and ok, I know that later I will be able to
fix a new boot disk and lilo when I get the system installed.

I am trying to intall via ADSL and can not get the interfaces
working at all. I have installed the pptp.deb also and began to play
with it and ifconfig to get the interfaces working.
I can ping my ANT but can not manage to get the PPTP to work.
I had read the ADSL howto but  I cannot get the ppp0 interface to
be active.

do anyone has some ideas? and easy guide for a newbie!.
I find the ADSL howto a bit poor and the the pptp does not have docs.
I am reading now the PPP Howto to get some sense off all.

thanks to all
PS please CC to me at adelhier@edv1.boku.ac.at

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