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Re: Mail/news software

Steve Lamb <morpheus@rpglink.com> wrote:
>     Given your description and the fact that you sent with PMMail/2 I
> can say,
> with authority, nothing.  There is not a thing out there that will
> suit what
> you describe nor what you're currently using, at least when it comes
> to mail.
> News apps on the unix side are fine but Mail apps, while powerful as
> backends,
> aren't worth a damn otherwise.  I'll now let people try to prove me
> wrong but
> so far I have not seen a beast which comes close to the usability of
> Windows
> applications.  Sure, they have the power to do some impressive stuff,
> but they
> don't have the interface to match.

I disagree and am continually posting info about an excellent email app
called Ishmail. It was a commercial offerring but the source code has
now been released. It is available on www.ishmail.com

Ishmail is the best GUI email client I have used on any platform. The
interface is very nice, but if you try it, do some configuration first -
the default setup is not as pretty as it could be. I prefer the buttons
at the bottom of the windows rather than at the sides. Which buttons
show and where they are positioned is also configurable.

I like the graphic representation of your folders in the top window. I
like the way new messages in a folder is shown graphically too. I like
the way it handles UNIX file-type mailfolders as well as MH
directory-type folders. It handles MIME attachments well and has a
wealth of configuration options. You can set it up so that it gives you
a different identity for certain messages too.

I use it to view mail which I have already collected using
fetchmail/exim. It injects new mail directly to the MTA. It can also be
used in a more traditional Windows style where it will fetch mail from
POP/IMAP severs.

I could go on, and on and on - I have tried a multitude of email apps
and always come back to Ishmail. All it needs now if for someone to take
on board the source code and maintain it properly.

Phillip Deackes
Using Storm Linux 2000

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