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Re: Mail/news software

On Sat, Apr 29, 2000 at 05:05:38PM +0200, Kovacs Istvan wrote:
> What mail and news software do you recommend?


> The ideal software would be able to handle both mail and news in an
> integrated manner, place incoming and outgoing messages into folders
> automatically using header info, integrate with PGP/GPG, handle UU/MIME
> attachments, thread messages, fetch using POP3 and send via SMTP, would
> have a GUI that allows multiple windows to be open for composing and
> reading mail/articles, and would be easy to use and free of charge.

    Given your description and the fact that you sent with PMMail/2 I can say,
with authority, nothing.  There is not a thing out there that will suit what
you describe nor what you're currently using, at least when it comes to mail.
News apps on the unix side are fine but Mail apps, while powerful as backends,
aren't worth a damn otherwise.  I'll now let people try to prove me wrong but
so far I have not seen a beast which comes close to the usability of Windows
applications.  Sure, they have the power to do some impressive stuff, but they
don't have the interface to match.

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