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Re: Mail/news software

On Sat, 29 Apr 2000, "Kovacs Istvan" <kofa@alarmix.net> wrote:
> What mail  and news software  do you recommend?  The  ideal software
> would be able to handle both  mail and news in an integrated manner,
> place  incoming  and outgoing  messages  into folders  automatically
> using   header  info,   integrate  with   PGP/GPG,   handle  UU/MIME
> attachments, thread  messages, fetch using  POP3 and send  via SMTP,
> would  have  a GUI  that  allows multiple  windows  to  be open  for
> composing and  reading mail/articles, and  would be easy to  use and
> free of charge.

Mew <http://www.mew.org/> has all that (plus much more, particularly
important for me is the ablility to manage several identities with
associated headers, signature,...).  But I won't hide that it is still
under heavy development and _some_ of the more advanced features are
still implemented rather crudely.


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