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Re: Installing Debian from 2.1.R4 CD's...question

I would have to agree with Ron that "the wording is confusing.  I am a new
user and as such easily confused".  In my case the boot up kernel in
resc1440.bin* recognized my NCR SCSI adapter, made reference to my SCSI
CD-ROM in the boot up messages and went on to partition and mount my SCSI
hard drives .  But the kernel didn't have the "Uniform CDROM Driver r. 2.54"
for SCSI CD-ROMs available at boot up.  So no CD-ROM from which to load the
base system <sigh!>.

This was the first time in any installation that my SCSI hard drives were
addressable but the SCSI CD-ROM was not.  To this newbie, it just didn't
make sense.  It took me awhile to understand the difference between those
drivers actually _present and installed_ and those which were _supported_
and needed to be loaded later in the process.   The installation document
Ron references below states:

"Both SCSI and IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs are supported. In addition, all
non-standard CD interfaces supported by Linux are supported by the boot
disks (such as Mitsumi and Matsushita drives). However, these models might
require special boot parameters or other massaging to get them to work, and
booting off these non-standard interfaces is unlikely. The Linux CD-ROM
HOWTO contains in-depth information on using CD-ROMs with Linux."

The CD_ROM driver I sited above is standard, is not a "special SCSI driver"
and was not referenced as one of those modules that would have to be loaded
(as in the "F" help key information at bootup).  I would have thought it
would have been included in the initial kernel.

Many thanks go out to those in the group who wrote to clarify the situation
to me.  In an earlier posting I described a work around using my Zip drive
to do the installation.  It should be noted that the kernel addressed my
SCSI Zip drive right away!.

*I used a rescue/boot disk to start the installation process.

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>On the contrary Nathan,  I have read:
>I can see how it could be concluded that by default these drivers will be
>automatically installed, but the same reasoning would apply to the next
>sentence in which it is stated that 'vfat' is supported, where supported
>carries the same meaning as is did in the prior paragraph, i.e.
>If that is the case then why is it that 'vfat' is listed in the select fs
>modules as something that must be explicitly requested?  Shouldn't it be
>automatically installed?
>My point is that the wording is confusing.  I am a new user and as such
>easily confused.
>By posting to this group as I attempt installation I am hopeful that I will
>get helpful answers such as yours so that I can avoid errors.
>I am interpreting the instructions literally, just as I do when
>So I am learning, I now know that drivers for IDE disk are included without
>my explicitly asking for them.
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