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X display

How are you ...... Thanks lot for all group members, I go one step and I need more help. 1-I install Debain Linux 2.1r2, and I got Debian Login :,,,But when I login and write startx to load graphic interface... I have error 111
failed to connect to X srever... I didn't have a server I install in one PC.
2-I install it in 9 PC's with different answers(y/n)? sometimes yes and sometimes no. ( what is olwm and many other apprev...I done no!!)?
3- When I write dselect & select Update.. you need a separate packages.cd
   where is the _non-free_Packsges.cd...I done no where is it? ....
    and no way until I answer none 3 times .
4- I need to connect 9 pc as a network I have a HUB and everything..
and it have been networked as windows 98...but we need Debian because they have UNITS related to UNIX for 9 students...
 Sorry for disturbances, again, Thanks lot....
Elsadig M. H. khanagi

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