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Re: Mounting SCSI CD-ROM during Install

Rob Lilley wrote:
  >Hi all,
  >I am attempting to install the stable version of Debian 2.1 distributed by
  >O'Reilly.  All is fine until install asks me to identify the CD-ROM where
  >the Debian CD is.  All of my drives are SCSI and this includes the CD-ROM.
  >The floppy is IDE and I am booting from it (."This disk uses Linux 2.2.12
  >(from kernel-image-2.2.12_2.2.12-1)")
  >I selected 'scd0' from the list of CD-ROM devices and this does not mount.
  >When I [alternate] [F2]'d into the other virtual console I found that
  >/dev/scd0 is "not supported by the kernel" by attempting to mount the CD-ROM
  >manually.  The block device 'scd0 is in /dev with a max of '8'. An error
  >message during the mount process stated that I should try loading a driver
  >using a loadable module - I presume for the proper SCSI driver.  The boot
  >parameters offered at the boot prompt [F5] helps didn't include one for NCR
  >(???).  Any suggestions as to where to go from here?  This is getting a
  >little over my head <grin>.
Did you install appropriate SCSI support modules?  (Under the option
"Configure device driver modules", I think)

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