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Re: multi line regex's in vi ...

On Sat, Apr 29, 2000, Adam Shand wrote:
> > A two-liner is
> > %s/^/<p>/   - add <p> to the start of each line
> > %s/^<p>$//  - remove any lines that contain only <p>
> nope won't work.  it'll put a '<p> ' at the beginning of every line which
> has text in it.  thus this:

Ah.  Don't know how to do that with regex's but you can get it
done with record/playback with Vim and Elvis.  You probably
already know this.

qa - start recording to register a
/^$  - go to first blank line
<cursor down>
<i>nsert and type <P>
q  - stop recording

999@a  - repeats the recorded keystrokes a bunch of times

If you have multiple adjacent blank lines you'll need to
squash them to one,

Gotta be an easier way though.  Maybe one of the vi pros will drop in.


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