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Re: POP3 using SSH

> This corresponds to the what the man page tells me to do. Using this
> exact setup, I get a parse error at "user", which is the line following
> the above one. I don't know how to correct this. May someone show me
> their [working] config-file?

here is my working config.  the only thing i've changed is my password.

set daemon 60
poll localhost port 1100 protocol pop3 uidl 
	username larry password MyPass
	mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d larry"
	preconnect "ssh -C -f -L 1100:localhost:110 calvino 'sleep 9'"

not i use procmail as my local delivery agent cause i found it worked a lot
better that way then dumping to port 25.  it also means i don't have to run
a smtp daemon if i don't want to.

you need to change calvino to be the name of your ssh host, and localhost to
be the name of your mailhost (it can stay localhost if your ssh and mail
host are the same).


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