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Re: Frontpage recommendations

"Paul McHale" <pmchale@doubleesolutions.com> wrote:
>If you are interested in implementing Frontpage server extensions with
>apache, it isn't that bad.  Here are a few pointers:
>1. Don't use apt-get.  Download the source and compile yourself.  This puts
>apache in /usr/local where most documentation I have found expects it to be.
>I am not sure why debian doesn't put apache there, but I'm sure the package
>manager had reasons.

Debian packages, and packages distributed by any other Filesystem
Hierarchy Standard-compliant distribution, should never install files
into /usr/local. See:


It's rarely that difficult to substitute /usr/local with /usr in your
head, though I concede it can often be useful to build Apache yourself
anyway; perhaps you should have a look at the Debian package and see if
there's anything that could be improved so that this isn't necessary?

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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