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Frontpage recommendations

Hi all,

If you are interested in implementing Frontpage server extensions with
apache, it isn't that bad.  Here are a few pointers:

1. Don't use apt-get.  Download the source and compile yourself.  This puts
apache in /usr/local where most documentation I have found expects it to be.
I am not sure why debian doesn't put apache there, but I'm sure the package
manager had reasons.

2. Get the "Improved mod_frontpage" from Freshmeat.  It has complete

3. The only additions is virtual hosts.  If you use them, make sure to
replace all occurrences of:

AllowOverride X   with
AllowOverride All

There are several of them.  The rest works like a charm.  If you need to
support frontpage, it is really pretty easy!  Good luck



Paul McHale
   Work:   937-253-7610          Double E Solutions
   Mobile: 937-371-2828          4912 Effingham
   Fax:    413-215-3232          Dayton, Ohio 45431

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