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Re: Simple mouse question....

Which X config section?  There are a number of different utilities,
among them xconfigurator (command line), XF86Setup (graphical), and
others.  Don't sweat it, you can always change the setting later.

If you've got a mouse with a small, round, 9-pin connector, you've got a
PS/2 mouse.  If it's got a wheel in between the two buttons, it's
probably a Microsoft IntelliMouse (the labling should make this clear).
Both plug in to the PS/2 port.

The PS/2 setting should work with both types.  An IntelliMouse will be
somewhat more functional if used with teh IntelliMouse setting.

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 04:37:19PM -0500, Ron Stordahl wrote:
> I am installing potato and am in the X configuration section where I am
> asked to specify a mouse protocol type.
> Of the choices these 2 make sense:
> 4   PS/2 Mouse
> 9   Microsoft IntelliMouse
> Actually it is both, but that's not a valid choice.  By choosing 9 will I be
> selecting a serial port rather than a PS/2 port?
> I am stalled.......
> ron
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