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Re: Semi-frequent lock-ups

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 08:42:09AM -0400, chris horn. wrote:
> Hi. I'm running wiht packages from the newest update of Slink off the
> ftp.cs.unm.edu/mirrors/debian Debian2.1r5 site, with kernel "2.2.14 #4
> SMP Sun Feb 6 12:02:09 EST 2000 i686"
> I've been getting hard lockups lately, and want to know how to track
> them down.

I had hard lockups like you describe that were heat related.  This was
on an overclocked machine (my parents') which would lock when I was home
on summer vacation but not for Christmas break.  

So make sure that your CPU is getting the proper cooling, and if you are
overclocking, I guess it's just kind of something you have to live with.

Chris Gray

pick, pack, pock, puck: like drops of water in a fountain falling
softly in the brimming bowl.

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