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Re: mount & ownership problem (newbie, maybe)

I'm not sure but I think a chmod on /dev/scd0 will work...
But as far as I know every user was always allowed to read a mounted
cdrom, I never had a permission denied...

Ron Rademaker

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Christian Pernegger wrote:

> Hello
> I created the following mountpoint directories under /mnt
> 	name		(user/group)	device	(user/group)
> 	floppy 	(root/floppy)	/dev/fd0	(root/floppy)
> 	cdrom		(root/cdrom)	/dev/scd0	(root/cdrom)
> 	burner	(root/cdrom)	/dev/scd1	(root/cdrom)
> Now if I want to mount the cd rom:
> # su
> ...
> # mount /mnt/cdrom
> That works fine. The only problem is, after that the /mnt/cdrom dir's
> ownerships will be (root/root) and thus inaccessible by members of the cdrom
> group. If I unmount it, everything is back to normal...
> How do I allow a group to access a mountpoint when the device is mounted?
> Christian
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