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Re: sendmail

how did you configure it to be a null client?  did you just add the host to
the null client line in the .cf file?  if so you need to do more then
that.  you should use the sendmail.mc file to configure sendmail the way you
want and then run sendmailconfig to generate the correct .cf file.

i found a file called clientproto.mc with the distribution and i modified it to say:

#  This the prototype for a "null client" -- that is, a client that
#  does nothing except forward all mail to a mail hub.  IT IS NOT
VERSIONID(`@(#)clientproto.mc   8.12 (Berkeley) 5/19/98')
FEATURE(nullclient, paladin.srn.com)

after that i ran the m4 utility to create the .cf file i'm using. it didn't work quite right (as you saw before) and so i monkey'd around with it a bit with no luck. the generated .cf file (generated from the prototype above) has a masq and hub host defined so i assume it can't hurt to masq with a null client. any other thoughts?


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