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Re: installing two NIC's

another thing to try is yank out the eepro card and see if the linksys
becomes eth0, if not then it is for sure not a conflict.

im thinking its a driver thing, outdated driver or the wrong driver, i
dont have experience using the ne2k pci cards so i can't really advice
further along that path :(


On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Beavis wrote:

beavis >how do u initially set up eth1
beavis >
beavis >eth0 i went into modconf and loaded the module to the kernel
beavis >i am using 2.0.38 by the way,
beavis >i just want to set up eth1 but i think i am doing it wrong
beavis >i got past the step of isolating the cards, now how do i track down and
beavis >attach the module for eth1
beavis >
beavis >lo  --loop back
beavis >eth0 is eepro100
beavis >eth1 doesn't exsist yet
beavis >
beavis >
beavis >
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beavis >
beavis >
beavis >On Wed, 05 Apr 2000 15:30:20 PDT, Beavis writes:
beavis >>yes, they are both pci cards
beavis >>
beavis >>is there a way to change the irq's physically?
beavis >
beavis >none that I´m aware of, hey, they´re pci-cards ;-)
beavis >
beavis >have you tried the set-the-gfx-card-in-between workaround?
beavis >
beavis >&rw
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