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Re: kde desktop

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Beavis wrote:

> i had a program that would open up a file just by clicking a mouse,
> now, after i have refurished my system, it asks me which program to use to open it.
> I have pico installed, but it doesn't work when i select pico
> anyone have a better alternative?

Hmmm, generally, you are going to have to fire up kfmsu then
Edit->Global Applications and Edit->Global Mime Types.
You want to tell the apps what mime-types they can handle, then setup
default apps for the mime-types.

Pico is going to be a bit of a hassle, as is any non-KDE app.
You can either figure out how "menu" works and create new DB entries
that support KDE, or cheat (like I did) and copy all the .kdelnk files
in /usr/share/applnk/debian_menu into /usr/share/applnk/kappfinder/apps
and edit them (manually or via the Properties dialog).  If you go the
kappfinder route you will need to do a (still as root)
	"rm -rf /usr/share/applnk/apps; kappfinder /usr"
to rebuild the Non-KDE Apps directory.
Careful with that "rm -rf" axe, Beavis!

If you do go the kappfinder route, always make your .kdelnk mods to the
files in the kappfinder/apps dir then rebuild the applnk/apps dir; do 
not make mods to the /usr/share/applnk/apps dir because the they will
disappear next time kappfinder is run.

Now, why it doesn't work when you "open with" pico...
<shrug> I dunno.  Any error messages?
Can you do "pico <filename>" from an xterm?



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